Advantages of Solar Street Light System

Advantages of Solar Street Light System

Solar lights are more famous nowadays for their clean energy-producing system. Solar energy is way better than anything. It is free of cost and only one ta one-investment is required. It produces enough energy that anyone can easily use it. It is a modern technology to generate clean energy that can be used in daily life.

The government has taken a very good decision to install solar street lights all over the world to save electricity and extra expenses on electricity bills. Street lights are used only at night. Solar power gets charged throughout the day so that the whole night is spent well. Nobody will have any problem with the light being cut if solar street lights are installed.

Solar street lights are very important at night, because of this, there is less chance of accidents and crime. If there are no street lights, the streets will become very dark due to which nothing will be visible at night. Every street and every corner should have lights to look well even at midnight feel safe to go anywhere if there are street lights.

It is a very good suggestion to install solar street lights in the village because there is no light and people have a lot of trouble. With the help of solar street lights, they can do their work even at night. Not even street lights villagers should install solar light for their homes also. It can change their living and can help to manage their work. Before installing Solar Street lights we need to understand what a solar street light system is so that its importance is well understood.

What is the Solar Street Light System?

Solar Street light System is a technique that uses the principle of a photovoltaic cell to convert the sunlight i.e AC into DC solar cells. The energy or electricity can either be used directly during the day or can be stored in the batteries for further use in the night hours.

Solar street lights are new technology light sources that consist of solar panels mounted on the pole on the streets. It contains a small rechargeable battery inside it, which lights a fluorescent or LED lamp during the night. These are specially designed to work at night.

For installing a single solar street light, you must need the four components which is used to make a whole solar street lights which are:

  1. Solar panel: It is the main part of a solar street light, without it the making of solar street light is not possible. Solar panels can use sunlight to convert thermal energy into electricity that the lamps can use. Two types of solar panels that can be used in street lights are: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Monocrystalline is most commonly used because it’s conversion rate is much higher than polycrystalline.
  1. Lighting Fixture: This is the main source from which the light comes from. Most commonly LEDs are used as the primary lighting source in modern solar street lights. LEDs are a modern technology lighting system that provides much higher luminosity with lower energy consumption. Its energy consumption is almost 50% less than the other lights. 
  1. Battery: Rechargeable batteries are used in this so that they will store the electricity generated by the solar panel during the day and provide energy during the night. There are two types of batteries commonly used in making solar street light systems – Gel cell deep cycle batteries and lead-acid batteries whereas Lithium-ion batteries are also popular due to their compact size.
  1. Pole: Well, it is the most important part of any street light. Where to put street lights without poles? Strong and long poles are necessary for all street lights. In the case of solar street lights, it must be strong because heavy components are mounted on the top of the pole, like panels, batteries. Poles should be made of hard metal so that it will be strong and stand firmly in any storm or any weather conditions.

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In today’s time, it has been seen that solar panels are very helpful in everything. Solar panels are the best source to reduce your electricity bills and your monthly expenses. You can enjoy your life without worrying about extra expenses. This also applies to solar street lights as they are used to reduce the bills and generate clean energy, which is very beneficial in reducing pollution in our country.

The price range of solar street lights vary from watts to watts and also depends on the dealers. It is the common solar street light price in India that is shown here.

  • 9w solar street light: ₹12,000.
  • 12w solar street light: ₹14,000.
  • 15w solar street light: ₹ 17,000.
  • 18w solar street light: ₹18,000.
  • 24w solar street light: ₹21,000.

Types of Solar Street Lights

There are three types of solar street lights systems which are used all over the world to minimize the damage to the earth and maximize the benefits of using it.

  1. Split Solar Street Lights: In these Solar street lights the solar panels, battery and LED are separately installed and it has no LED power limitation. In Off-grid Split Type Street Light each pole has an independent unit, if there is a problem in one street light then there is no effect on other light, that’s why it is independent solar street light.
  1. Grid-Tie Solar Street Light System: Grid-Tie Solar Street Light System can be worked with a single inverter or microinverter.
  • Single Inverter: Grid Tie Single Inverter is a solar system in which a single inverter is a sun-oriented arrangement set up in a focal area. This gives energy to solar street lights.
  • Micro-Inverter: Grid Tie Micro Inverter is the solar system in which the microinverters have individual inverters on each pole for an LED solar street light. It is a simple arrangement of solar panel systems.
  1. Two in One Solar Street Lights: It is a combination of solar and wind energy that’s why it is known as two in one solar street light system. The combination of both elements does wonders for the production of energy. The wind is used to produce energy in winters and summer throughout the day and night both but solar power is only used in summers during the day to produce sufficient amounts of energy. So the combination is used to produce a large amount of energy at any time.
  1. All in One Solar Street Lights: In this, the solar panel, battery, controller and LED are installed together. The raw material is used to manufacture the solar street light system. For his advanced feature, it is on the top list. It can be worked on all weather conditions. It saves energy up to 80% that’s why it is more efficient.

Advantages of Installing Solar Street Lights

There are lots of benefits to installing solar panels for your homes, offices, and street lights. They are a clean source of energy and less expensive. Only the installation is quite expensive and the maintenance is required, but it is much less than your monthly bills.

Monthly bills of the government are very high for which a lot of money is required and all of that is taken from the common people along with the taxes, GST, and much more. Our life has changed with solar street lights. We can not pay the extra expenses. Here are a few benefits of the solar street lights system Which have played a very good role in reducing pollution and a lot of things in our country.

  • Energy and money-saving: It is the most valuable feature among all of them. The use of solar street light grows day by day. By comparing solar street lights with normal street lights, solar street lighting uses thermal energy which is completely renewable with no consumption of fossil. It is a clean energy producing system where there is no use of fossil fuel at all. It saves a lot of money and other expenses on electricity bills. You can save up to 80% of your extra expenses from it. There is no waste of energy; it saves more energy for further uses.
  • Pollution-free: It produces clean energy means there is no burning of fossils to generate electricity. If no burning of fossil fuels, then there will be no pollution of making electricity. If all the things in the world become solar, then the pollution will be very less. Being solar means being part of clean energy. It is an eco-friendly solar street light system that works only on sunlight and converts it into a usable source of energy that is used to light up the lamps throughout the night.
  • Wireless: The installation of solar street light systems is wireless means there is no shortage of electricity cuts, currents, etc. Each solar street lighting system is an independent individual system, with no need for wires laying and electric equipment to connect it from powerhouses. It is a powerhouse of its own which makes its electricity and uses it on its own. It is both cost-saving and labor-saving.
  • Easy construction: Well, no construction is easy but installing a solar street light system is not so hard. It only needs a few components to be fully prepared i.e. Solar panel, Batteries, LEDs, and a Pole. Its construction is also time-saving because here no wire has to be connected to the powerhouse or any other cell, just connecting its parts, that is enough.
  • Low maintenance: This is a full value for money system. It only needs quite a large amount of money on installation, then you just need to pay its maintenance charges which is very low. This saves you so much money from the usual electricity bill, which also cuts its installation charges and also saves extra. Once you spend money just Installing it and then getting free for a lifetime.
  • Independent system: Normal electricity system means an extremely high level of interdependency—cable connections mean that problems in one area can affect many or one problems can even affect the entire power supply system in which a lot of people can fall into trouble, this will never, ever happen with solar lighting, as each system is an independent power generating system. Solar power system works alone so that no one is hurt.
  • Used LEDs for better lighting: Generally Solar power systems use LEDs because it works on low lights and saves more energy. LEDs are doing a very good job nowadays. People are using LEDs in all the houses because it uses very little energy and saves more electricity bills. Same as with the solar street lights, the consumption of energy with LEDs is very less and it saves lots of energy for future use.
  • Saves Environment: If there is no pollution, then there will be no harm to our environment. The solar street light system is a small step to save our environment. Producing energy takes a lot of fossil fuels that are burnt and are limited but with the thermal power system, it is reversed. It is producing unlimited and renewable energy which is free of cost and eco friendly.

Solar street lights are the best option to save our environment, money, extra expenses, and also work as a clean energy India. It is environment friendly and works to the thermal power that is given us by nature. Massive efforts are being made in the world to replace normal street lights with LED solar lights.

There are still a lot of areas like the rural area and hilly areas which have no money to own the electrical power or cost much more money to set up the electric power. Because in those areas high voltage transmission and transformation is very hard. Therefore the solar street lights make the lighting possible in those areas by investing much smaller money relatively. Being solar, install solar street lights and save more energy.

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